Make sure you benefit from very low power consumption and excellent jitter values as well as low prices and the excellent availability of samples and serial quantities. Frequency stability is available for XOs starting from +-10ppm over -40/+85°C in housings starting from 3.2×2.5mm, and TC&VCTCXOs in housings starting from 3.2×2.5mm with +-2.5ppm temperature stability over -40/+85°C. The LVCMOS, LVDS and CML versions are available with supply voltages starting from 1.8VDC, or LVPECL, HCSL and LVDS starting from 2.5 VDC. The silicon differential oscillators are suitable for replacing quartz and MEMS oscillators and thus generate a comprehensive savings potential.

Depending on the version, the product range for differential low-power silicon oscillators (XO – DLPO series) comprises solutions in the frequency range of 1.0 – 625 MHz, including versions that have been optimised especially for the requirements of 10GB Ethernet, SONET, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel and PCI Express. Typical fields of use of differential silicon oscillators are, for instance, telecommunications, networking, Ethernet, instrumentation, storage, server and industrial control system applications.

Compared to the traditional quartz differential oscillators, the differential silicon oscillators require less than half of the power consumption, and feature frequency stabilities of ±10 ppm within -40/+85°C. PETERMANN-TECHNIK  provides solutions with LVCMOS, LVDS and CML output signals starting from 1.8 VDC or LVPECL, HCSL and LVDS input signals starting from 2.5 VDC.

The differential silicon oscillators of the DLPO series are available in 6Pad 3.2×2.5, 5.0×3.2 and 7x5mm housings, and can be used on the same layouts as the quartz differential oscillators as a direct 100% drop-in replacement for quartz solutions. In order to be able to reduce the power consumption to 10 µA when not in use, all versions are equipped with a ST (stand-by) function on Pin1. A very fast transient response of a maximum of 10ms after power-on is guaranteed, along with excellent low aging of a maximum of +-1ppm after the first year.

Samples of differential silicon oscillators can be delivered in each frequency in the range of 1 – 625 MHz with +-20ppm within -40/+85°C with 1.8 – 3.3 VDC at the same day, as long as the samples are ordered with PETERMANN-TECHNIK by 2 p.m. Should other parameters be required, sample oscillators or serial quantities can also be provided within a very short delivery period.

The TC&VCTCXO differential versions of the DTCVCTO and HFDTCVCTO series are available with temperature stabilities of +-2.5ppm within -40/+85°C and a 10-year aging of +-5ppm as standard, and also stand out due to their exceptionally high control voltage range of up to +-50 ppm. In addition, the TC&VCTCXO solutions also feature very low jitter values, very low power consumption, exceptionally small housing dimensions and very attractive prices.

Using differential silicon oscillators may generate a comprehensive savings potential. Wiring instructions are provided in the data sheets. Should the data not be sufficient for a quick design-in, experienced PETERMANN-TECHNIK specialists are able to provide help and advice at any time. The specialist design-in-engineering enables PETERMANN-TECHNIK to support its customers accordingly in order to ensure a very short time to market. Pricing and logistics systems that are adapted to the supply chain are aimed at helping the customers to minimise their development, qualification, parts, procurement and infrastructure costs significantly and to enhance their flexibility on the fly.

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