For 18 years now, PETERMANN-TECHNIK from Landsberg am Lech has served the market with high-quality, innovative products in combination with a very extensive range of technical solutions and a pricing and logistical system adapted to the supply chain. This applies to the entire PETERMANN-TECHNIK product range. Quartz crystals and oscillators require a lot of specialist knowledge, for which PETERMANN-TECHNIK has gained an excellent reputation as a special distributor in the niche market of “frequency-generating components”.

Based on the innovative “silicon oscillator technology”, PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers an Express Service by which sample oscillators or small batches can be sent on the same day if they are ordered from PETERMANN-TECHNIK over the telephone or Internet by 2:00 p.m.

Product configurators make choosing components quicker 

The entire PETERMANN-TECHNIK website is fully interactive and is very quick and simple to use, with its various product configurators for quartz crystals, quartz oscillators, silicon oscillators and ceramic resonators. Alternatively, you can contact PETERMANN-TECHNIK directly using the quick and simple, ready-made E-Mail Contact Form.

Drop-in replacements save costs

The PETERMANN-TECHNIK silicon oscillators are one-hundred percent direct drop-in replacements for quartz MEMS oscillators and can be mounted on the same layout. Users save costs and make their applications far more failsafe with thirty times longer life and shock and vibration resistance. Automotive oscillators according to AEC-Q100 are naturally also available. With its Express Service, PETERMANN-TECHNIK not only delivers immediately to its customers but also fortifies its position as a specialist partner for frequency-determining components, and offers its customers an extremely short time-to-market and cost reductions for development, qualifications components, acquisition and infrastructure.

Circuit trick shortens developmental time  

For all low power spread spectrum oscillators from the silicon oscillator product range, the spread can be disabled on pin 1. If unsure during the design stage as to whether spread will be required, you can use the spread-selection pin to choose between a predefined spread and the spread-off function with the output signals LVCMOS, LVTTL, LVPECL, HCSL, LVDS and CML. This function shortens developmental times and can save component qualification and acquisition costs, as can be seen from the example of differential and differential spread spectrum oscillators. By purchasing a differential PECL 125 MHz oscillator as a differential spread spectrum version, for example, the spread can be disabled on pin 1 for those applications in which no spread is required. That means only a single component is needed to meet all kinds of requirements.

The Silicon Oscillators product range also includes, among others, VCXOs, VCTCXOs of up to 800 MHz and very low-priced stratum-3 oscillators. The “Silicon Oscillators” product range covers the frequency range of 1 Hz to 800 MHz, or the temperature range of -55 to +125 °C, depending on the component.

Comprehensive range of quartz oscillators 

To complement the product range of silicon oscillators, PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers quartz oscillators such as Clock Oscillators (SPXO), Low Power Oscillators (LPXO), Temperature Compensated (TCXO) and Voltage Controlled (VCXO) Quartz Oscillators, VCTCXOs, Differential, Stratum-3 and Spread Spectrum Quartz Oscillators, and OCXOs. Depending on the version, miniaturized solutions are available in sizes from 1.6 mm x 1.2 mm with supply voltages from 1.8 VDC in the temperature range of -55 to +125 °C. Given the substantially better prices, performance and longevity, the specialists of PETERMANN-TECHNIK recommend using the innovative series of Silicon Oscillators.

In addition to its many types of oscillators, PETERMANN-TECHNIK has gained a very good reputation for quartz and ceramic resonators and RTCs. Focus markets for these products include, for example, wireless, industrial, medical, embedded, automotive and consumer applications. Mini-SMD quartz crystals are available from a size of 1.6 mm x 1.2 mm in the temperature range of -55 to +125 °C. To complement its comprehensive quartz product range, PETERMANN-TECHNIK also offers support on development and large-scale production, such as circuit analysis and much more.

Solution-oriented selection 

For very quick and easy product finding, quartz crystals can also be selected using the product configurator on the PETERMANN-TECHNIK website, and enquiries sent or samples ordered immediately using the ready-made E-Mail Contact Form. If interested, you can also directly access the 32.768 kHz quartz crystals and 32.768 kHz ultra-low-power oscillators by simply clicking on the “32.768 kHz Solutions” heading on the “Home” page. That way you will very quickly find the right 32.768 kHz products or alternative solutions.

Logistics and design support
PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers individual logistical and supply-chain services, plus further services to support the customer on the use of components in production. If needed, customers can ask the specialized in-house Application Engineering department to make a comprehensive circuit analysis. The customer receives everything from one hand, from a very broad range of services to highest quality products at competitive prices.

New in the range: Silicon Oscillators  

Under the category Silicon Oscillators, PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers silicon oscillators with significantly better technical specifications than conventional quartz oscillators, and which are available in SMD housings at low prices. Furthermore, quartz and MEMS oscillators can be directly replaced without redesigning the PCB and, with their low power draw, allow innovative battery-powered applications.

The Silicon Oscillators series includes, among others, Ultra Low Power Oscillators (ULPO), Ultra Low Power High Precision Oscillators (ULPPO), High Temperature Low Power Oscillators (HTLPO) Differential XOs (DLPO), VCXOs and VCTCXOs of up to 800 MHz, Stratum-3 Oscillators and Spread Spectrum Oscillators.

Possible applications include, for example, consumer products, telecom, GPON, EPON, 1G/10G Ethernet, SONET and PCI-Express applications, networking, storage, smartphones, tablets, action-video cameras, medical solutions, IoT, smart metering, smart-home products, embedded computing, industrial (including for high ambient temperatures), wireless, automotive and hibernation-technology-based solutions such as Bluetooth low energy, wearables, etc. – in other words, all solutions that require a very affordable, miniaturized, high performance clock.

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