The low-power, low-cost silicon clock oscillators from our product range are equipped with state-of-the-art IC technology and set the standard in terms of performance, extreme longevity (MTBF 1 billion hours), excellent shock and vibration resistance, size, precision, jitter, power consumption and flexibility. As with other silicon oscillators, our SMD silicon oscillators of the LPO, HTLPO, WTLPO series and the corresponding automotive versions (AEC-Q100) use a silicon resonator for synchronising the IC. Due to the very low vibration energy of the micro-silicon resonator, the performance of the SMD silicon oscillators is by far superior to the one of comparable quartz oscillators. Generally, the SMD silicon clock oscillators can be used in all applications where a very cost-efficient clock oscillator is required. Samples can normally be shipped on the same day, if they are requested before 2pm.

The trend towards SMD silicon oscillators continuous to grow rapidly. On the one hand, they are cost-efficient considering their performance and replace quartz oscillators, with the exception of TCXOs and VC-TCXOs, in all vertical markets and applications. On the other hand, the ultra-low power of 32,768 kHz and MHz oscillators allow up to 50% system energy savings – ask our specialist how this is possible.

Recommended version for new developments:

For new developments, we suggest to developers versions in the 2.0×1.6 mm or maximum in the 2.5×2.0 mm case, with a very wide supply voltage range of 2.25 – 3.63 VDC (-XX- in the article description), a frequency stability of ±20ppm@-40/+85°C, ±30ppm@-40/+105°C, ±30ppm@-40/+125°C, or ±50ppm@-55/+125°C, with the frequency of their choice. For the function of pin 1, we recommend using the standby function, even if this function is not necessarily required. Reason: On the one hand, the wiring requirements of pin #1 are very low in relation to the potential cost saving, Since we normally have large quantities with the standby function in stock, which makes short-term delivery at a very good price possible. Oscillators without standby function at pin 1 are manufactured in the required quantity, which is normally significantly more expensive. In the event that the required oscillator is not in stock, the standard delivery period, also for customised products, is 4 – 6 weeks maximum.

How the EMC behaviour can be improved without additional costs

The SMD silicon clock oscillators are equipped with the so-called SoftLevel function. Detailed information can be found in the following report:“How SMD silicon clock oscillator improves EMC – EMI”

The SoftLevel function is available at no extra cost and allows to reduce the rise/fall time of the output signal. This makes the edges of the output signal rounder; in the slowest version, the output signal resembles a shark fin. With an extension of the rise/fall time by up to 45%, the EMC attenuation at the 11th harmonic wave is above –60 dB. An enormous value for such an easy adaptation of trise and tfall.

Engineering services complete our extremely wide product portfolio:

1) Focus on the entire design-in process:

Our core competence is in frequency-generating components and the related individual product consultation and the complete support of the customer in the design-in process. We offer our customers a particular added value by providing a customer-oriented solution based on sophisticated and innovative components with our technical expertise. We thus accompany our customers throughout the entire design-in process from the application-oriented product selection to sample equipment up to series production and series support.

2) Our design-in service:

▪       Extensive product consulting
▪       Circuit testing
▪       Circuit simulations
▪       Measurement of the used quartz/oscillator based on standards for oscillating quartzes (IEC60444)
▪       Measurement of the current and drive level of quartzes (IEC60444)
▪       Determination of the operating frequency and the effective load capacity (IEC60444)
▪       Determination of the safety factor and the resonance resistance (IEC60444)
▪       Recommendations for adaptation of the circuit to the relevant frequency-determining component
▪       Large-scale production support in cooperation with the relevant customer departments

3) Advantages for our customers:

▪    The test outsourcing allows customers to save costs and time and provides them with a comprehensive technical basis for making their decision.
▪       Express technical analyses with fast availability and with final report within a very short period of time.
▪       Extremely quick market launch of a product and reduced workload for the customer’s engineering department due to standard-based tests and an extremely short analysis time.
▪       Early detection and correction of errors in the circuit of the frequency-generating components to enable smooth large-scale production.

Our analysis procedures comply with the requirements of the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, among others, and are extremely sound and reliable.

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