Typical markets for WSNs include building and home automation systems, smart grids, advanced metering infrastructures (AMI), process automation, environmental monitoring, park and transit infrastructure, energy monitoring and stock control. The market demands increasingly smaller WSNs from engineers. This is a huge challenge for engineers, because not every component delivers the desired performance in such small housings. To support engineers in developing very small frequency determining components, PETERMANN-TECHNIK, the quartz specialists from Landsberg/Lech, offers MICRO-SMD crystals in a 1.6 x 1.2 mm/4-pad ceramic housing from the SMD01612/4 series with a fundamental frequency range of 32 – 52 MHz. These can be used, for example, with sub-1 GHz radio ICs and bluetooth ICs from a wide range of manufacturers. The frequency range of the MINI-SMD crystal in the 2.5×2.0mm/4-pad ceramic housing from the SMD02502/4 series is very wide, covering the spectrum of 12.0~125.0MHz. The MINI-SMD crystal in the 2.0 x 1.6 mm/4-pad ceramic housing from the SMD02016/4 series fills the gap between the SMD01612/4 and SMD02502/4 series as it can be delivered with a fundamental range of 20.0 ~ 60.0 MHz. The MINI and MICRO-SMD crystals, which are also available in the extended temperature range of up to -40/+125°C, are available with frequency tolerances from +-10 ppm, thereby fulfilling customer requirements for sub-1 GHz narrowband radio concepts. The 32.768 kHz crystal from the M1610 series is available in a 1.6 x 1.0 mm ceramic housing for µP and RTC applications. This MICRO-32.768 kHz crystal is available with a frequency tolerance from +-20 ppm and a standard load capacity of 12.5 pF. Other parameters are also available as optional extras. The PETERMANN-TECHNIK specialists’ service catalogue includes circuit development, analyses, simulations and matching tests. “Everything from one source” is the philosophy at PETERMANN-TECHNIK in order to provide the best and fastest customer care possible.

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