PETERMANN-TECHNIK, your quartz and quartz oscillator specialist based in Landsberg, offers the SMD03025/4 series, a quartz crystal with a basic sound frequency of up to 60 MHz, which now comes with the most inexpensive mini-SMD ceramic housing on the market, measuring only 3.2 x 2.5 mm. The mini-SMD quartz crystals, which are produced in absolutely sterile conditions and are now the preferred crystal in the automotive industry, have a ceramic body with a welded Kovar cover. They can be used to very cheaply add frequency tolerances of ±8ppm with degradation of ±1ppm per year and can be delivered for temperature ranges between -40/+125°C. For Bluetooth applications, we can supply 48 MHz crystals with a standard load capacitance of 10, 12, 18 or 20 pF, or according to customer specs. The low cost, high performance series SMD03025/4 mini-SMD quartz crystal from PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers users a variety of advantages. The AECQ200 standard is no problem at all for the tiny crystal. In addition, the service catalogue of PETERMANN-TECHNIK’s specialists offers application analyses, circuit analyses, circuit development, circuit simulations and design-in support for technical added-value in line with our company slogan, “Your success is our mission”. We also have reference designs available.

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