PETERMANN-TECHNIK from Landsberg am Lech, currently has the widest and most in-depth product range of frequency determining components, such as quartz, oscillators, silicone oscillators (as an alternative to MEMS), 32.768 kHz , 32,768 kHz solutions, RTCs, ceramic resonators, SAW products, etc. Therefore, PETERMANN-TECHNIK can provide the optimum frequency generating component for every application, due to the enormous product range. Regardless whether wireless (ISM, WLAN, WiFi, ZigBee, NFC, KNX, SigFox, etc.), industrial, medical, commercial, telecom, network, IoT, wearables, or automotive applications.In addition to the enormously wide product range, the application engineers offer well-grounded product advice, paired with extensive Design-In-Support at an excellent price – performance ratio – reference designs are available for many ICs, so that the customer is able to achieve quick market readiness for their products.PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers the highest quality and long lasting products, innovative technologies and extensive services in one place, with over 20 years experience.

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